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A mathematical expression or a numerical expression is a name for a number and represents a numeric value. An equation is a number sentence which indicates a relationship between two mathematical expressions. A sentence that indicates that two expressions name the same number is called an equation. The difference between an expression and an equation are that an expression is a combination of numbers, variables, and symbols to be calculated; where as an equation contains expressions that are separated by an equal sign. Both expressions and equations use numbers and variables. However, you can not solve an expression, you can only solve for a variable in an equation. Doing this depends on what type of an equation. Expression: Find the value of
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Unformatted text preview: a for which the expressions 2 a and 2 + a have the same value. Equation: Tell whether the equation is true or false for the given value of the variable. x + 9 = 35; x = 26 I am not very good at Algebra, it has been well over twenty years since I have had to do any Algebra, I am trying very hard however. I am really confused about whether or not you can solve a variable in an expression. As for a verbal statement. .. On Friday, we drove 17 miles from Prineville to Redmond and 22.5 miles from Redmond to Bend. The trip took 50 minutes. On the way back, we took the same route, but we stopped for lunch after driving 9.5 miles. If we continue on the same route after lunch, how much farther will we have to drive to return to Prineville?...
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