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BLTC-9e Sample Answer for End-of-Chapter Hypothetical Question with Sample Answer Chapter 43: Personal Property and Bailments 43–3 Hypothetical Question with Sample Answer Curtis is an executive on a business trip to the West Coast. He has driven his car on this trip and checks into the Hotel Ritz. The hotel has a guarded underground parking lot. Curtis gives his car keys to the parking lot attendant but fails to notify the attendant that his wife’s $10,000 fur coat is in a box in the trunk. The next day, on checking out, he discovers that his car has been stolen. Curtis wants to hold the hotel liable for both the car and the coat. Discuss the probable success of his claim. Sample Answer: For Curtis to recover against the hotel, he must first prove that a bailment rela- tionship was created between himself and the hotel as to the car or the fur coat, or both. For a bailment to exist, there must be a delivery of the personal property
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