CA 374 Feb1 - Sophos Doxa Eikos Pisteis Peitho refers to a...

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Sophos - Doxa - Eikos – Pisteis - Peitho – refers to a greek goddess. Persuasion, seduction, sweet speech, allure Rhetor – speaker, orator Kairos – having the correct timing Cast Sophists Gorgias Protagoras Isocrates Philosophers Socrates Plato Aristotle Greek Rhetoric Before Plato The Sophists – emphasis on higher education and knowledge. People were need to travel around and inseminate knowledge. Sophos – they would go around and teach courses for a fee. They had poetry, math, literature, etc. They wanted to further practical knowledge. Arte – practical knowledge. Political reform in Athens – power was invested in the people and high offices should be filled by the citizens best suited for them. This replaces the idea that only aristocrats can have these positions. Merit based system. 450 BCE Kleisthenes – reformed the court system and made it more common. Created a jury. Any citizen could bring a law suit to another which couldn’t happen before. Questionable how far this actually went in practical application. You still needed money, etc. Same for holding office 462 BCE Ephialtes – Importance of Rhetoric – You needed to be able to speak well because there was more public speech with these reforms. The Two Main Pre- Socractic Sophistic Schools of Thinking aoubt Rhetoric 1. Gorgianic a. Gorgias – could just talk and talk about anything. b. Encomium to Helen – work that he wrote. Provides a defense to Helen saying that she is not responsible for the Trojan war. He shows that speech is powerful because Helen is persuaded by Paris’s words. c.
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CA 374 Feb1 - Sophos Doxa Eikos Pisteis Peitho refers to a...

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