CA 374 Feb 22 - CA 374 2/22 Burkes Definition of Man -...

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CA 374 2/22 Burke’s Definition of Man - Symbol-using, making, and misusing animal o Condensation - Inventor of the negative o Nature, religion, technology - Separated for his natural condition by instruments of his own making (janitor, entry level employee, manager, CEO) - Goaded by the spirit of the hierarchy - Rotten with Perfection o Perfection central to nature of language o Entelechy – Aristotle’s concept that we are always striving for a more perfect self. o It is not always better to want perfection. Think about something like WWII and making the “perfect” race. o Debunks language. Words do not have one perfect definition. o Man is rotten with perfection Bitzer’s Situated Perspective - “We need to understand that a particular discourse comes into existence because of some specific condition or situation which invites utterance.” - Rhetoric: is a “mode of altering reality… by the creation of discourse which changes reality through the mediation of thought and action.” o A functional, pragmatic approach. He is looking at what needs to be done. o Rhetorical situation: exigence, audience, constraints, and Bitxer’s response Components of the Rhetorical Situation - Exigence – something that is not ideal, something that needs to be changed o “In any rhetorical situation there will be at least one controlling exigence which functions as the organizing principle.” o
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CA 374 Feb 22 - CA 374 2/22 Burkes Definition of Man -...

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