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CA 374 March 4 - Pagansim-Pagan – “country dweller”...

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CA 374 – 3/24 Rhetoric and Denial - watched Christine O’Donnell (witch lady in politics) ad - Nixon: “I am not a crook”, Clinton: “I did not have sexual relations with that woman” - By speaking about the negative and denying it is doesn’t work well because it just reinforces the connection with what they are denying they did. Salem Witch Trials - young children were becoming ill, quite frequently, and the doctor diagnosed that they suffered from bewitchment - Trial begins with 13 people and all of whom were hung. Then people ended the trials because they did not think it was fair or moral.
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Unformatted text preview: Pagansim-Pagan – “country dweller” and then came to mean people who were without religion. Negative term. However, some people identify to it and have a community of like people.-Paganism as a religion-Proselytizing-Paganism o Characteristics: Interconnectedness (humans are connected, we’re all connected to nature and the cosmos and we can’t be separate and all the actions we do have an affect on someone or something) and blessedness (the inherent rightness of humanness and human nature)...
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