CA 374 May 5 - -Religion as Symbolic Inquiry o Gertz sacred...

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CA 374 5/5 Implications - Experience, Identity, and Ethos - Bearing witness to Buke’s Conversion - Syllogistic Form o Does Duke present a clear moment when he transformed? No, he just redefines his past. - Qualitative Form - Critics o In the other examples we looked at their were specific moments when people changed their actions, heart, etc. o Many people don’t buy his conversion rhetoric at all and thought that it was very calculated. Some people didn’t even think he was a Christian. Take Home Points - Importance of Structure and Style - Conversion Stories and Motive Plurality in Religious Inquiry - Religion as Social Scientific Inquiry o Durkheim – community action, sacred vs. profane, commonalities between different groups and people, what connects us all - Religion as Experiential Inquiry o James – religion had an unseen order, our supreme good views the unseen order as legitimate, personal experience, how does each person experience the divine
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Unformatted text preview: -Religion as Symbolic Inquiry o Gertz sacred symbols, all of the symbols help to show a system of beliefs, ethos (ought) Plurality in Rhetorical Inquiry-Rhetoric as Discovery o Aristotle the faculty of discovery in all available means of persuasion-Rhetoric as Defense o Augustine defending the early Christians against their faith-Rhetoric as Remedy o Richards-Rhetoric as Critical Reflection o Habermas people should have be able to communicate on an equal level, turns to communicative rationality Pluralism-Pluralism and Religion o The existence and tolerance of ethnic groups and different beliefs and attitudes o But pluralism has a lot of difficulties because there are so many forms of spiritual belief-Why Words Matter o Pluralism and Public Discourse Judith Butler Tension between risk and potential Value in being disturbed and offended, why is it that we believe this way?...
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CA 374 May 5 - -Religion as Symbolic Inquiry o Gertz sacred...

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