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PS 367 – 4/28 - Peacekeeping was staled during the Cold War because Russia and the United States always would vote each other down. - After the Cold War the UN engaged in a lot of peacekeeping missions but didn’t really know what peacekeeping meant and what they were doing. - Member states send in their troops, willingly, for peacekeeping missions. States also fund the operations - Sometimes troops are fired on even though they are there with orders to not fight. You need to be a neutral intervener so it is imperative you do not fight and therefore take sides. Ex: Somalia - Mission Creep: you go in for a humanitarian purpose and then the troops get attacked
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Unformatted text preview: and now you have a new problem. You could withdraw or you can fight back. The US and UN have done both. What then occurs as what started as a peacekeeping mission but it turns into something entirely different. Ex: Somalia- Peacekeeping can be humanitarian mediation or military intervention but it is in a grey area and neither area wants to claim it.- There is a lot that encompasses peacekeeping. For instance, you may have to set up a banking system. The U.S. after the Great Depression lent out loans to banks to as to show the banking system was secure.- it is difficult to measure the duration of peace...
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