IS #23 - What is global health Not just health care Not...

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What is global health? Not “just” health care Not limited to sited outside of the US Multi sector efforts to improve well0eing that use prevention as prime intervention strategy Draws on many disciplines Based in social justice discipline Academic definition: “…are for study, research, and practice that places a priority on improving health and achieving equity in health for all people worldwide.” Global Public Health – is the collective action we take worldwide for improving… Topics: Reproductive health, infectious disease, nutrition, non-infections/chronic diseases, unintentional injuries and violence, mental health, environmental health Some of these are very neglected (such as mental and non-infections) Factors: Poverty, war, environments, biological terrorism, natural disasters Timeline: Ancient civilizations have herbal knowledge rituals, bone-setting, obstetric practices, sanitation measures. 542 – Plague of Justinian. 1346 – Black Death kills 25 million in Europe alone. 1348 – First “Quarantine” in Venice. 500
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IS #23 - What is global health Not just health care Not...

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