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IS 101 Lecture #25 - Human rights and justice lecture are...

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International Studies 101 Lecture #25 Final - 3 parts: identification section (6 terms from 8), short answer essays (1 paragraph, you choose 3), long essay (1 long essay, 1 question, integrated). - For the long essay it needs to be well organized and it would be a good idea to write an outline. - The bulk of the exam is focused on the second half. The final question is cumulative though. - Room: Bascom 272, 2:45 – 4:45 December 21 Oct 25 – civil wars, terrorism, counterinsurgency KNOW!! Think about case study of Afghanistan and DRC in the context of civil war, peacekeeping, terrorism, etc. In respect to case studies you do not need to master the history of the Congo, etc. You need to think about it relation to the themes of the class.
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Unformatted text preview: Human rights and justice lecture are fair game. Debates on humanitarian assistance are NOT fair game. Humanitarian intervention and responsibility to protect, fair game. You dont need to know the history of global health, but look for thematic connections between global health and our themes. AIDS and climate change are fair game. Peacekeeping can be used in reference with Afghanistan but that case is more closely related to counterinsurgency, causes of civil war, reconstruction, and terrorism. However the Congo case study is closely related to peacekeeping, post conflict reconstruction, and r2p. Review Session: 4 5:30 on Friday...
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