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lit 254 11.01 notes - He is a symbol of a virtuous man-Pg...

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- motif of decent is important - young man is unhappy about how he is being exploited - Sylvester is interested in regaining his loss of self and satisfaction and fullness that he had when he was a Sicilian. - Little Sicilian is connected with desperation - Whiskers is connected with duty - Pg. 16 – 17 - Reconcile has religious connotation because it refers to reconciliation and commonality of the persecuted (those under surveillance) - Big Lombard teaches Sylvester how to understand the secret language and serves as a mentor. He is associated with his father.
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Unformatted text preview: He is a symbol of a virtuous man.-Pg. 26 – start at “I think a man matures…”-Sylvesters’ fathers’ name means constant one but he is the exact opposite of that. He cheats and leaves.-Mothers story is a story of scandal and adultery but also the vagabond she also falls in love with.-Whenever the most important stories are being told the narrator interrupts or someone refuses to tell the story-“aren’t you going to ask me if he was a big Lombard” - important-...
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