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Lit Trans 254 #9 - He spoke the language of the worker’s...

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1861 Italy was a constitutional monarchy but Mussolini discarded all parties except for the nationalist fascist party. 1922 – 1945: Black twenty years, while Italy was under fascist rule. Black because it was a dark time to some people but also because black was the color that symbolized fascism. Early followers were called the black shirts. Another symbol was a bundle of wheat. Call for new Italian empire. Squadronsim/groupism: groups of men that would go on missions to punish leftist, socialist journalists and teachers that stood in the way to the nationalist movement Combat groups – fasci di combattimento. Becomes the fascist national party. Turin is the center of industrial struggles. Gramsci and Togliatti argued for a new communist party to emerge from a socialist party. Garmsci eventually led the Marxism/Leninism movement Mussolini was the editor of Avanti! prior to leading the state.
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Unformatted text preview: He spoke the language of the worker’s struggle. He was an intellectual. Fear was the reason fascism became so popular 1925 – outlaws all other political parties until 1945 Carlo Levi – was born in Turin, he was a very good painter, trained as a physician but painting and writing were more important to him. Member of the armed resistance. Anti-fascist. Was hiding in Florence from the fascist when he wrote this book. Died in 1970s. After WWII he was one of the heroes of anti-fascism and served in the parliament. Hero of the Italian 20 th c. Mussolini exiled him near Calabria. Needs to understand the peasants and the way of thinking in the South. Map in the book is NOT a map of Italy, it is just a map of the south of Italy. Mussolini regime exiled those who opposed what the fascist movement was about....
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