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Lit Trans 254 – 11/10 - Adultery is a big question within this novel. - Laws against adultery were repealed in 1968. Previously women were guilty for it, never men. - Rape was considered a crime against decency and morality, not against the woman - Another big change was with abortion. It became legal in ____. - Io sono mio/a! an important concept to realize and embrace in the novel. Popular phrase during feminism - The author wanted women to become very involved, especially within the arts - This novel has fierce political positions and expects readers to be challenged and disgusted. - There was a cultural transformation in the 1970’s - Prior to the 1970’s the reader would have had a very hard time with this novel. - Giovanna: woman in her twenties with parenthood on the cusp, transitioning from adolescence to adulthood, Roman, lives in the suburbs of Rome, teacher,
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Unformatted text preview: experiences the school and classroom as something that is beyond her control, very irresponsible in the beginning but becomes responsible in the end-Story of the enlightenment of a teacher, but more importantly of a typical woman-Starts ignorant and blind, ends it sad and experienced-Gender vs. Sex-Gender is the culture of sex, gender is not a matter of biological origins, it is a question of what colors your wear, your hair length, certain occupations, etc.-There is nothing very interesting about her husband from beginning to end.-Every worker is a member of the Italian communist party, it was very typical.-The book about herself begins with her husband’s name. The first time she is a grammatical entity is when she becomes a “we”. It shows her priorities in life....
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