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Event1 - audio captured at this event is strictly...

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IMPORTANT INFORMATION: Treat this ticket as you would any other valuable or cash. The bar code only allows ONE ENTRY PER SCAN. Unauthorized duplication or sale of this ticket may prevent your admittance to the event. Terms and conditions: Items NOT allowed in LaVell Edwards Stadium: Bags larger than 12”x12”x12”, other large items, weapons, any food / drink (including bottled water), video cameras, umbrellas, cans, containers, coolers, artificial noisemakers, megaphones, flags, sticks, poles, other large items, large signs, banners, whiteboards, and laser pointers. Empty water bottles are permitted. Personal stadium chairs larger than 18 inches in width and depth are discouraged. Guests with them may be asked to discontinue their use. All guests subject to search. No refunds. No exchanges. Game times subject to change. Ticket bearer will observe all university regulations while on BYU campus. Ticket may not be resold on BYU property or property controlled by BYU. No outside food or drink. Commercial use of any photographs, video, or
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Unformatted text preview: audio captured at this event is strictly prohibited. Ticket valid for one entrance of one patron only. Age two and older require a ticket to reserved seat events. Tickets for outdoor events are purchased at risk of inclement weather. Per ticket fees and order charges are included in the Fnal order charge. STUDENT Valid Student ID Required STUDENT Valid BYU Student ID Required STUDENT Valid BYU Student ID Required 78932356785159 78932356785159 Without student ID - $15 upgrade Brigham Young University BYU VS NEW MEXICO STATE SATURDAY 11/19/2011 08:15pm EDWARDS STADIUM Level Portal Section Row Seat SOUTH BLEACHER VV 44 40 21 Student Rotated $10.00 Event: BYU VS NEW MEXICO STATE Venue: EDWARDS STADIUM Date and Time: 11/19/2011 08:15pm Seatblock: VV 44 40 21 Confirmation: 041363332 F11:290000...
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