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Money, the Financial System, and the Economy Winter 2011 Statistics Review On Tuesday January 25 th we will cover statistics in class. Below is a guide to help you prepare for that lecture as it relates to the statistics review document I have posted in the readings folder on Blackboard. Section A1: Probability Distributions We will have a brief review of this material, the main takeaways from this section is mean (or expected return), variance, standard deviation, and an understanding of the normal distribution. Section A2: Descriptive Statistics
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Unformatted text preview: We will discuss -Histograms and plots -Sample statistics including sample mean, variance, and standard deviation Section A3: Multivariate Statistics We will discuss -Covariance and correlation -Regression (both simple and multivariate) Section A4: Hypothesis Testing We will review basic approach to hypothesis testing and focus on constructing t-tests from this section Other topics I will spend time working through some examples with real data constructing statistics and performing hypothesis testing using excel....
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