HW 6 - BusM 410 HW#6 Name Nguyen Thi-Tam Bui Due Mar 7 th...

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Unformatted text preview: BusM 410 HW #6 Name: Nguyen Thi-Tam Bui Due Mar 7 th in class Section:3 My current portfolio value is $3,034,760 with the total equity of $1,989,732.35 (initial equity value is 2,000,000) and total margin of $1,045,027.65. This portfolio currently holds GS, APPL, WMT, GOOGL with the return for this week was -.66%. Thus far, I purchased 10,000 GS stock, sold 1000 VZ stock and 1000 AAPL stocks. I also purchased 700 SPY stocks as well. I haven’t done any short sell so far. The reason I bought GS because it has been consistently performing well over the market these days. VZ seemed perform not really well so I sold it away. AAPL seems have a high beta so its volatile with the market. The market observed these days have high performance and APPL seems also had high performance, so I purchased more shares of AAPL. I purchased SPY because that is a good way to hold market index considering myself a passive investor. What I tried to accomplish was to maximize the return base on the volatility of each stock to the market...
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