HW1 - BusM 410 HW #1 Due Jan 10 As part of the class you...

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BusM 410 HW #1 Due Jan 10 As part of the class you will participate in a virtual stock trading project. This project will encompass several of the homework assignments during the semester starting with HW #1. For the project I’ve created a trading “game” for each of the three Bus M 410 sections. After creating a user profile and joining your section’s game you will be able to invest $2,000,000 of (hypothetical) money. The instructions for how to join the game are described on the next page. Each trade you enact will deduct a small fee from your hypothetical account. During the semester you will learn about investment theory and will be expected to update your stock choices to maximize the expected value of your portfolio by the end of the semester. We will be able to track the value of everyone’s portfolio in the class and will take time during the semester occasionally to talk about the best and worst performing portfolios. As part of your first homework assignment you need to create a user account on the website described on the next page, spend at least half of the $2,000,000 in your hypothetical account on 4 stocks of your choice, and answer the questions on the third page of this document about your investment strategy. It is up to you how much of your hypothetical $2 million you spend on each of the 4 stocks but your overall objective should be to maximize the value of your portfolio by the end of the semester. To get full credit on HW # 1 you should provide thoughtful and well- written answers to the questions on page 3. To turn in HW #1 you should print the questions and answers from page 3 and turn them in at the beginning of class on Jan 10th. Before you follow the instructions below, I suggest you decide in advance which 4 stocks you plan to buy and have their ticker symbols written down. One way to find stock ticker symbols is to use Google finance ( ). To find the ticker symbol go to Google finance and then type in the company name next to the “Get quotes” button. The ticker symbol is a series of 1-5 letters that appear to the left of the company name. For example if I were interested in Ford Motor Company I would type “Ford” in this line, click
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HW1 - BusM 410 HW #1 Due Jan 10 As part of the class you...

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