ethics - Name: Nguyen Bui FILM VIEWING AND WORKSHEET Miss...

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Name: Nguyen Bui FILM VIEWING AND WORKSHEET Miss Evers’ Boys Watch the movie Miss Evers’ Boys and complete the following worksheet. Make your writing legible and clear enough that I can understand your general thinking. Brevity is good. Due at the beginning of class on Friday, September 23 rd . Why did Miss Evers initially agree to be a part of the Tuskegee Study? She initially agreed to be a part of Tuskegee Study because she believed in the promising results this study would bring forth. If it went well, the patients would receive money for treatment. Also, the doctors promised that the study would last no longer than 6 months, so Miss Evers believed that the study would have no harm for the patients. What was the ethical dilemma facing Miss Evers? The ethical dilemma Miss Evers faced was that she had to lie to the men about the study. The men participated in the study without knowing that they became experiments and actually didn’t receive any treatment for entire study. She even had to lie to her lover about it. Why did she continue to participate over time? She continued to participate because she believed that the study would result well and the patients would receive treatment in the end. Also, she was emotionally attached to the patients, they were her friends, so she continued to stay with them and take care of them till the end. Use the Ethical Decision Making Frameworks below to help you to better understand this dilemma: a. Consequentialist - identify the stakeholders and the harms and benefits for each. The nurse’s dilemma was the main point in the movie so the stakeholders were patients and their family, the doctors, and the federal. Patients and their family
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- Benefits: The study certainly didn’t benefit them. However, the benefits they would receive were the money and treatment for them if the study went well. Since the nurse thought of their benefits, so she decided to hide the truth from them with the hope that the study
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ethics - Name: Nguyen Bui FILM VIEWING AND WORKSHEET Miss...

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