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Miss Evers’ Boys The program started in 1932 The doctor and the nurse ( Evansen) created a program to help Negro with bad blood disease for free. She went back to her hometown and asked people for free test. Kaleb is her childhood friend also had bad blood disease. She took four men to take the test. The other people came in for treatment The program later got canceled because of low on budget. The doctor then had a conversation with federal. The man will be asked to join in a study to test the ability of contamination. They Negro would not have treatment; they had to join the study for 6 months. The doctor hoped that the study would get certified and they would have the money for treatment.The problem was the Negro would not have treatment for 6 months. The problem the nurse faced was to lie to the patients. She had to make the decision of telling the
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Unformatted text preview: patients the truth or lied to them for 6 months. Her father gave her the advice of going to the direction God wanted us to do.(syplic) They had to lie to the p. She was out in the dilemma, she couldnt tell her boyfriend. They said that the study should be done in 6 months. But the study went on forever and she still kept the secret. In 1942, the new medicine came out to cure syphilis but since they said they have medical concern, so they were not used for the men. A man collapsed. The nurse then went to talk to the doctors about having some medicine to cure them, but they resisted. The study need to continue. The doctors said that the men cant have penicillin because it cant cure them, instead it killed them. She decided not to follow Faleb because of sin...
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