Personal Ethical Dilemma

Personal Ethical - Name Nguyen Bui November 4 2011 Personal Ethical Dilemma For over a year I have worked for Thai Lee Inc an export-import retail

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Name: Nguyen Bui November 4, 2011 Personal Ethical Dilemma For over a year, I have worked for Thai Lee Inc., an export-import retail company located in Ho Chi Minh, Vietnam. As one of their main representatives in the U.S, I’m responsible for the supplying and shipping of goods from the U.S to Vietnam. As my experiences increased, my boss has trusted me more and given me more responsibilities. I now have to contact with suppliers and go through the negotiation process until the final products are shipped. Currently, one sales person from suppliers contacted me and suggested that he would give me a large amount of commission if I order only his products in every transaction I make for the company. Obviously, this process is considered a bribe and it violates the business code of ethics of the company. However, the commission was very attractive; especially in my current situation when I need money to pay for my tuition and living expense. Accepting or not or accepting with smaller amount of commission- they all really conflict my values as an honest employee but also a hardworking student who wants to go to college full- time. I have identified some parties that were directly or indirectly involved in this dilemma. They were the sales person, his company and colleagues, other supplying companies, my boss and my company. For that sale person, if I accept his offer, he would lose an amount of money for me for the promotion opportunity and job security in return since his sales growth would improve dramatically. However, if he is found out, he might lose his job because of committing a bribe and being dishonest. If I accepted a smaller amount, he would be beneficial since he didn’t need to pay much for a sales growth promise, and if he is found out, the punishment on him might be less serious depends on company’s policy. If I refused the offer, he probably could not secure his job.
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His company might have a sales growth as a whole if I accept his offer or accept it with lesser amount. However, in case that sales person is promoted or given bonus, the other people in the company have faced unfairness because the unqualified people were appreciated why others with true skills were not. If I refused the offer, the company might not have a high sales growth bur instead high fairness in the organization. Other supplying companies might suffer a sale loss if I accepted his offer and only ordered from him. Therefore, if they find out about it, they definitely would not let go. If I refused the suggestion, the other supplying companies’ sales would not be harmed because I would still consider ordering products from them. My boss and my company would be affected by my decision substantially. If I accepted the offer, the company would be involuntarily involved in a bribe and its reputation would suffer if my doing was found out. The company would have no harm if I refused the offer, it still had me as its employee and various supplying companies to choose from at affordable prices and high
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Personal Ethical - Name Nguyen Bui November 4 2011 Personal Ethical Dilemma For over a year I have worked for Thai Lee Inc an export-import retail

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