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1. Assignments for Text Manipulation 1A. Using an IF statement, fix the above data to have two digits in the first two columns Separate Get the check for Write an Put them Put them into Put them left 2 Value error IF to Pick up Pick up Pick up all together a text value into an characters using using add a the right the left the right so they that Excel Excel date using zero seven using three using four using are correct recognizes, i.e., using Dates: LEFT VALUE ISERR IF RIGHT MID RIGHT DD-MMM-YYYY DATEVALUE 1=true,0=false 20Dec2011 15Oct2009 1Mar2010 30Sep1967 15Jun1957 6Oct1975 14Dec2001 4Dec1958 13May1921 9Mar1972 31Jan1955 6Nov1953 27Jun1958 9Apr1943 5May1956 LEFT(cell,number of digits)
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Unformatted text preview: Goes to the cell, brings back the number of digits from the left) VALUE(cell) Brings back the value of the text in the cell ISERR(cell, if_true,If_false)) Checks the cell, if true does the action, if false, does the action IF(condition, if_true,if_false) Makes a condition, puts a 1 if true, 0 if false RIGHT(number of digits) Brings back the number of digits from the right MID(starting point, digits) Brings the text starting at the digit number for the number of RIGHT(number of digits) Brings back the num Use & to concatenate data Use & to concatenate data Datevalue(cell)...
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