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BUS M 596 - Name Nguyen Bui Class BUS M 596R Idioms...

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Name: Nguyen Bui Class: BUS M 596R Idioms assignment There is always alpha and omega in this life. For some reason, I used to not know where my omega was; my life at that moment had me all at sixes and sevens. Schooling full time, being active member of so many clubs and groups in school and in church, running a non-profit organization, I just felt like I had too many irons in the fire. I did lots of things due to people’s interest, including my parents, my best friends, etc, and involved in so many activities until the time I had to eat humble pie seeing my performance in every activity dropping down tremendously. Worse than that, I had to face the music when the university I always wanted to transfer refused my application due to my low school performance. My dad did hit the ceiling knowing that fact. He said that he would not support me until I got accepted to other famous University. At the moment I was so confused and anxious, my most respected teacher told me
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  • Fall '11
  • KimSmith
  • Brigham Young University, good business school, major financial support, low school performance, Nguyen Bui, professional investment analyst

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