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Name: Nguyen Bui Class: Bus M 596R Monday 26 th , 2011 Vocabulary assignment 1. Alleviate (v) make easier. We have to share our information to alleviate the process . Source: Book 2. Prone (a) having a tendency to. He is prone to mischief because he is so flirtatious . Source: Newspaper 3. Vanquish (v) come out better in a competition, race, or conflict. BYU Football vanquished Central Florida last night . Source: Conversation 4. Turbulent (a) characterized by unrest or disorder or insubordination. He has grown well even though he has a turbulent and unruly childhood. Source: Newspaper 5. Ammunition (n) information that you can use to criticize someone or win an argument against them . I have legal ammunition to win this lawsuit against him . Source: Book 6. Blunter (a) being directin manner or speech without subtlety or evasion. He was blunter about the possibly double-dip recession due to current economic downturn . Source :Book
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