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Decision Exercise _3 - Decision Exercise #3 You are a...

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Decision Exercise #3 You are a producer of household appliances, specializing in washing machines and dryers. In your domestic market, your firm has achieved a significant advantage over your competitors due to a differentiated product technology in the motors used to power your products. This motor—that is significantly smaller than any other on the market— allows your product to outperform competing products on numerous parameters (quieter, far more efficient use of power, faster operation, able to handle a larger variety of fabrics, etc.). A proprietary production technology also developed by your firm is required to produce this motor. You have just been informed that one of your major competitors plans to enter a very large market (the nation of Clavonia) within the next eight months in an attempt to gain global market share since competition with your firm has become extremely difficult at home. Your firm has decided that it is essential to enter Clavonia as quickly as possible,
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Decision Exercise _3 - Decision Exercise #3 You are a...

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