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Desiree’s baby 1. Summary: Desiree was an abandoned child who was adopted by Madame Valmonde. Desiree grew up being very beautiful, gentle, affectionate, and sincere. Desiree got married with Armand Aubigny. Their first baby turned out to be a quarter-African boy, so her husband was disappointed and then abandoned her and the baby. 2. Reaction: It was a short yet appealing story. I felt terribly sympathetic for Disaree who was abandoned by her own parents since she was born. I can’t stop getting mad whenever I heard somewhere on Earth, there are parents who desolated their own child. However, God loves all people when he let Desiree growing up becoming more beautiful, affectionate, and being loved by others. Everything would have still been good if their baby wasn’t quarter-African child. I understand that in the old time, African people mostly were slave and treated badly by white people. However, I couldn’t imagine how serious that discrimination it is until reading this story. It was so sad that even Armand, a husband who was so in love with his
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Unformatted text preview: wife, still abandoned her when thinking that she “belongs to the race that is cursed with the brand of slavery.” It was even more heart-broken that in the end, Armand’s mother was the one who was half African. 3. How does the author mislead us into that Desiree is responsible for the mixed race of the child? Desiree was first an abandoned child. It meant that nobody knows of her origin. Even though she looks white outside but her genes are totally unknown. In addition, Armand’s mom was actually a mixed and nobody acknowledged that. Armand was born being white because the black gene is dominated. Until the baby was born, realizing it is a quarter-African child, Armand was so disappointed and since Desiree’s origin is unknown, she was misled and was not able to defense herself. As a result, she was responsible for the mix race of the baby and couldn’t say anything. She left in misery and pain that her husband caused to her....
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