Nguyen Bui - Nguyen Bui OB 321 Research paper #1 July 9,...

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Nguyen Bui OB 321 Research paper #1 July 9, 2011 The complex relationship between diversity and teamwork performance Diversity has long been a common issue in the U.S work force. Its popularity has been motivated more by the development of globalization and high market competition. According to Korn/Ferry International, the largest companies in America reported a larger percentage of women and minority directors in their boards (Diversity Central, 2006). While the concentration of white and non-Hispanic workers are estimated to decrease from 1995-2020, the quantity of women, Hispanic Americans, Asian Americans, African American all increase significantly in U.S labor force ( Diversity Central, 2006). Realizing the benefits of diversity, our society soon develop a statement that “employers must provide equal employment opportunities to all people of similar qualifications and accomplishments” (Research Diversity Network (RDN), 2003). However, diversity has not only brought forth the advantages but also disadvantages and the consequences are somehow very significant. So, how does diversity actually affect business performance? Is the influence different in various organizations and diversity types? Can I improve my involvement to teamwork regardless the fact I’m an Asian woman? For this reason, I have studied some research about how diversity takes place in business performances and the social integrations. Living in the U.S for almost four years has gained me many teamwork experiences. From the level of not knowing what diversity exactly means to the point that I’ve comfortably get involved in my team and made my contribution more accountable, I do understand the benefits as well as the hardships a person from diverse background deals with in teamwork. In a larger viewpoint, I’m wondering of how diverse members in terms of race and gender affect their team
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performances and other team members. Especially, since my major is finance, it would be more
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Nguyen Bui - Nguyen Bui OB 321 Research paper #1 July 9,...

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