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Nguyen Bui OB 321 Research paper #2 August 4, 2011 Diversity Reality at BYU Diversity has long been a common issue in the U.S work force, and for me personally, it is always an interesting topic to research. In my last paper, I had the opportunity to make a thorough research of how diversity would affect teamwork in working environment and harvested some valuable insights from a research report of the Research Diversity Network. Continuing in this paper, I would want to know how diversity affects teamwork environment at Brigham Young University and ways to improve the effectiveness of diversity on our campus. In my last paper, I found a very interesting research report about diversity from the Research Diversity Network. Some of this report findings are racial diversity has positive correlation with the growth in branches’ business portfolios while gender diversity makes no difference. Secondly, the effects of diversity on performance would depend on certain context variables was partially supported. Finally, employees participating in diversity-education programs had limited impact on performance. Those findings have made me come up with some thoughts, such as men and women would not make any difference in their contribution to their organization. It might also open a new door for future research and methods necessary to improve the benefits of diversity and diversity education. However, that research focused on very large group of people from large companies in the U.S, so it didn’t really nail my main interest of finding data in my own area of living and studying. As a result, this paper would focus on how diversity affect teamwork environment at BYU and how to maximize the benefits of it in our campus. To begin with, I conducted an 11-questions survey and chose BYU business students as participators. There are many reasons I target these students. First of all, my main concern is to research of how diversity plays its role in BYU, especially in the Marriott School of Management. In addition, these students will be getting into business fields, such as finance, accounting, marketing, information system, etc in the future and their contribution to the teamwork would probably be substantial. Therefore, they are the best participators for my experiment. I constructed the questions in a way that everyone will have the opportunity to talk about his/her
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Nguyen_Bui[1] - Nguyen Bui OB 321 Research paper#2 August 4...

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