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Unformatted text preview: ALMA 32­ ALMA 32­ 35 ALMA’S PROGRESSION OF ALMA’S PROGRESSION OF SPIRITUAL EVENTS LEADING TO SALVATION Alma 32:15 – We must truly humble ourselves. – Repent of our sins. – Endure to the end. ALMA’S DEFINITION OF ALMA’S DEFINITION OF FAITH And now as I said concerning faith—faith is not to have a perfect knowledge of things; therefore if ye have faith ye hope for things which are not seen, which are true. WHAT IMPORTANT ELEMENT OF WHAT IMPORTANT ELEMENT OF THE DEFINITION DID ALMA ADD TO PAUL’S DEFINITION? Elder McConkie: “If a person believes that an idol is God, or that deity is a power or essence that fills the immensity of space, or if he has any other false concept he stops himself from gaining faith, because faith is a hope in that which is not seen which is true (Alma 32:21). Faith and truth cannot be separated; if there is to be faith, saving faith, faith unto life and salvation, faith that leads to the Celestial world, there must first be truth.” ALMA’S SCIENTIFIC MODEL FOR ALMA’S SCIENTIFIC MODEL FOR TEACHING FAITH Alma 32:33 Hypothesis. Verse 21. There are unseen realities which – 1. are true. – 2. Verse 21. Faith is a hope in the truth of unseen realities rather than a perfect knowledge. – 3. – 4. Verse 22. God wants us to believe Verse 26. Can’t know at first the truth of unseen realities. Verse 27. A particle of faith if planted and – 5. nourished will bring us to know. Experiment. – If the hypothesis is to be proved and tested there must be an experiment. What was the experiment that Alma constructed for us? Compare the word of God unto a seed. Plant the seed in your heart, not just in your head. Desire to believe. What specifically do we do? (See Alma 35:1­23 for steps.) – Verse 1­11. Pray regularly. – Verse 12­14. Believe and study scriptures. – Verse 15­23. Begin to believe. – Verse 38. Neither cast it out by unbelief nor resist the spirit of the Lord which accompanies it. WE NEED WE NEED A desire to believe – Elder John A. Widtsoe: “Desire must precede all else in the winning of a testimony. The desire to know the truth of the gospel must be insistent, constant, overwhelming, burning. It must be a driving force. A ‘devil­may­care’ attitude will not do. Otherwise, the seeker will not pay the required price for the testimony.” Evidences and Reconciliations,pp.15­16 Do things which demonstrate our desire – Elder Neal A. Maxwell: Ironically, many refuse to examine gospel truths simply because of how God reveals them! These very methods swell skepticism among many. . . . Many in the world hold back from making the ‘leap of faith’ because they have already jumped to some other conclusions. (“The Inexhaustible Gospel,” BYU Education Week, 1992,p. 6) Evaluate Verse 28­32: If it begins to swell within you and enlarge your soul and enlightens your understanding, it is good. If it does not, it is bad and should be cast away. Truth can be felt at times. Conclusions Verse 33­35. Your faith is now dormant and your knowledge perfect in one thing: the fact that the seed was good or bad. Verse 36­37. If the seed is good and begins to grow, additional nourishment and care will cause the seed to become a tree which brings forth fruit, added knowledge of the truth of other things. HOW DO WE NOURISH FAITH HOW DO WE NOURISH FAITH Prayer Scripture study Attending church Living the commandments Giving service HOW TO INCREASE FAITH HOW TO INCREASE FAITH 1. Read & Search the Scriptures; Romans 1­:13­17 Alma 32: 2 2. Have a strong desire to believe; Alma 32: 27­28 3. Believe in Christ; Alma 32: 2 4. Pray regularly; Alma 33:9 5. Nourish the seed of faith; Alma 32: 37­42 6. Repent of Sins; Helaman 15:7 7. Seek after gifts of spirit; Moses 10:8,11 8. Be willing to endure trials; Ether 12:6 OBSERVATIONS OBSERVATIONS Verse 37­43. Notice that the spirit has the same need for nourishment as our physical bodies. Verse 38­40. If the seed of the tree is neglected, it will wither; but this does not mean that one’s spiritual ground is barren and unproductive. In other words, the experiment did not fail; you failed the experiment. Verse 42. On the other hand, diligence, patience, and a continuation of faith caused the tree to spring up unto everlasting life and enable you to “pluck the fruit thereof, which is most precious . . . sweet above all that is sweet . . . white above all that is white . . . pure above all that is pure. . .” HOW IS SAVING FAITH HOW IS SAVING FAITH OBTAINED? Alma 32:33 Plant the seed of faith in your minds. Nourish and care for that seed of faith. Repent of sins. Pray regularly. Read and hearken unto the scriptures THE ZORAMITES WANT TO THE ZORAMITES WANT TO KNOW Alma 33:1 1. Whether they should believe in one God. 2. How they should plant the seed. 3. In what manner they should begin to exercise faith. What does Zenos tell us about What does Zenos tell us about prayer? Verses 4­11 A. God is merciful and hears prayers (v4). B. God responds to heartfelt prayers (v8). C. God protects us from enemies (v10). D. God hears us and is merciful to us because of His Son (v11). WHAT DID ALMA TEACH WHAT DID ALMA TEACH CONCERNING CHRIST? Alma 33:11­22 A. B. C. D. E. He declares Christ’s divine Sonship. Verses 11­12 He declares that God is merciful because of the atonement. Verses 11,16 He declares that the scriptures testify of Christ. Verses 12­14 We believe in Christ and we are humble and exercise faith in Him. Verses 20 Christ atones for our sins, He died and was resurrected. He will judge all man. NEPHITE DECLARATION OF NEPHITE DECLARATION OF FAITH Alma 33 We “believe in the Son of God, that He will come to redeem his people and that He shall suffer and die to atone for their sins; and that He shall rise again from the dead, which shall bring to pass the resurrection, that all men shall stand before Him, to be judged” Welch, Charting the Book of Mormon, Chart #42 THE TESTIMONY OF AMULEK THE TESTIMONY OF AMULEK Alma 34:8 And now, behold, I will testify unto you of myself that these things are true. Behold, I say unto you, that I do know that Christ shall come among the children of men, to take upon him the transgressions of his people, and that he shall atone for the sins for the world; for the Lord God hath spoken it. ELEMENTS OR ESSENTIAL TEACHINGS ELEMENTS OR ESSENTIAL TEACHINGS OF AMULEK’S DISCOURSE ON THE ATONEMENT Alma 34­35 Verse 8. The Atonement would be made by Christ for a multitudinous of sins. What isn’t covered? Verse 9. The Atonement is essential or all mankind would have been lost. Verse10­11. The Atonement must be made by one who is infinite and eternal. Atonement is infinite in that it is: Timeless. Conquers death. Covers all worlds Christ himself is infinite. Verse 11­12. All men are responsible for their own sins. Verse13­14. The Law of Moses is fulfilled through the Atonement and sacrifice of Jesus Christ. The Law of Moses points toward Christ’s sacrifice Verse 15. The Atonement satisfied the law of justice and brings forth mercy. Verse 15. Those that exercise faith unto repentance are protected by the arms of mercy. Verse 16. Those who fail to repent are exposed to the full demands of justice. Justice is satisfied in two ways. – Keeping the law perfectly. – Suffering effects of a broken law. Verse 17. We exercise our faith unto repentance by calling upon him in prayer. We should pray not only for ourselves but for those who are around us. Verse 31­32. We must repent in this life. Verse 33. If we fail to repent in this life, then the same spirit which prevented us from repenting in this life will prevent us from doing so in the hereafter. Verse 35. If we fail to repent in this life, our spirits become subject to Satan and we are his. The Spirit of the Lord withdraws from us. AMULEK’S 7 STEPS TO AMULEK’S 7 STEPS TO SALVATION Verse 17. Exercise faith unto repentance. Verse 17­18. Pray for forgiveness. Verse 19. Humble yourself before God. Verses 20­27. Pray continually. Verses 28­29. Care for poor and needy. Verse 30. Bring forth good works. Verses 33­36. Don’t procrastinate day of repentance. AMULEK’S STEPS TO MAKE OUR AMULEK’S STEPS TO MAKE OUR PRAYERS EFFECTIVE Alma 34:28 We must care for the needy. Clothe the naked. Visit the sick and the afflicted. Give to those who have need. AMULEK’S STEPS TO INHERIT AMULEK’S STEPS TO INHERIT ETERNAL LIFE Alma 34:37­41 – Verse 37. Remember the teachings of Alma and Amulek. – Verse 37. Don’t deny coming of Christ. – Verse 38. Receive the Holy Ghost and take upon themselves the name of Christ. – Verse 38. Humble themselves. – Verse 38. Worship God wherever they were. – Verse 38. Live in thanksgiving daily. – Verse 39. Pray continually. – Verse 40­41. Bear their afflictions with patience. Don’t contend with enemies. ELDER BALLARD’S COMMENTS ELDER BALLARD’S COMMENTS “A man may receive the priesthood and all its privileges and blessings, but until he learns to overcome the flesh, his temper, his tongue, his disposition to indulge in the things God has forbidden, he cannot come into the celestial kingdom of God­ He must overcome either in this life or in the life to come. But this life is the time in which men are to repent. Do not let any of us imagine that we can go down to the grave and not having overcome the corruptions of the flesh and then lose in the grave all our sins and evil tendencies. They will be with us. They will be with the spirit when separated from the body.” “It is my judgment that any man or woman can do more to conform to the laws of God in a year in this life than they could do in ten years when they are dead. The spirit can only repent and change, and then the battle has to go forward with the flesh afterwards. It is much easier to overcome and serve the Lord when both the flesh and spirit are combined as one. This is the time when men are more pliable and susceptible. When clay is pliable, it is much easier to change than when it gets hard and sets.” “This life is the time to repent. That is why I presume it will take a thousand years after the first resurrection until the last group will be prepared to come forth. It will take them a thousand years to do what it would have taken, but three score years and then to accomplish in this life.” “You remember the vision of the redemption of the dead as given to the Church through the late President Joseph F. Smith. President Smith saw the spirits of the righteous dead after their resurrection, and the language is the same as one of the Prophet Joseph’s revelations ­ that they, the righteous dead, looked upon the absence of their spirits from their bodies as bondage.” “I will grant you that the righteous dead will be at peace, but I tell you that when we go out of this life, leave this body, we will desire to do many things we cannot do at all without the body. We will be seriously handicapped, and we will long for the body; we will pray for that early reunion with our bodies. We will know then what advantage it is to have a body . . .” “The point I have in mind is that we are sentencing ourselves to long periods of bondage, separating our spirits from our bodies, or we are shortening that period, according to the way in which we overcome and master ourselves.” (Bryant S. Hinckley, Sermons and Missionary Services of Melvin Joseph Ballard, pp. 240­242.) ...
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