Kines 3502 Body composition lab paper

Kines 3502 Body composition lab paper - Body Composition...

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Body Composition Lab 1 Heather Hopkins Kines 3502 Section 5 September 16, 2011 Body Composition Lab Lab Measurements Trail One Trial Two Criterion Score My height 5’6” 5’6” 5’6” My Weight 129lbs 129lbs 129lbs BIA 23% 23% 23% Waist Circumference 25” 25” 25” Hip Circumference 37” 37” 37” Triceps Skinfolds 17 16 16.5 Calf Skinfolds 27 25 26 BMI Calculations: 703 ∙ (129/66∙66) = 20.8→21. After calculating my BMI, it is determined that my BMI number 21 falls in the average range which is normal. My number is not even near the overweight or obese ranges which mean I am in good health. Percent Body fat using Gallagher: (1.46∙21) + (.14∙20) – (11.61∙0) -10.02 = 23.44. My estimated percentage body fat is in the good range according to the textbook. I feel as if my body fat percentage should be better because I have more muscle than most girls. The calculation does not ask you how much muscle you have so it is not as accurate of a test to use for body fast percentage. The calculation will still give a good range of where your percentage is, just not exact because everyone has unique bodies. Percent Body fat using Slaughter equations: (0.610 ∙ (16.5+26)) + 5.0 = 30.925. The skinfold measurement is much higher than the BMI fat percentage calculations. There was about a 10 percent difference in the two measurements. The skinfolds test could have been taken wrong and this causes the data to be different. The BMI test is more accurate than the skinfolds test
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Kines 3502 Body composition lab paper - Body Composition...

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