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Kines 3502 environmental lab paper

Kines 3502 environmental lab paper - Environmental Lab 1...

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Environmental Lab 1 Heather Hopkins Kines 3502 Section 5 October 31, 2011 Environmental Lab 1. The NEWS questionnaire was very easy to complete. I went around my neighborhood look at everything the questionnaire asked me and gave the best possible answer that I could, based on my view of my neighborhood. The walking times to places in my neighborhood like stores and things like that based on my experiences of walking to those places throughout my life time in that neighborhood. 2. My score on the NEWS questionnaire are residential density -184, stores, facilities, and other things in your neighborhood -3.91, access to service - 2.5, streets in my neighborhood -3.67, places for walking and cycling - 4, neighborhood surroundings - 2.75, and neighborhood safety - 2.22. According to my answers my neighborhood is very walkable. There are many places in my neighborhood that I could easily get to if I did not have a car or it was broke. There are many places close to my house/neighborhood that are on the questionnaire making my neighborhood walkable.
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