Kines 3502 muscular fitness lab report

Kines 3502 muscular fitness lab report - Muscular Fitness...

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Muscular Fitness Lab 1 Heather Hopkins Kines 3502 Section October 23, 2011 Muscular Fitness Lab 1a) Hand Grip Dynamometer: Trail 1 Trial 2 Criterion Right 44 36 44 Left 40 38 40 1b) According to the normative strength data provided by Jamar, My strength is almost 3 times as much as the normal strength of a 20 year old female. My criterion score for my right hand strength was 44 and the normal average score was 14.5, while my left hand score was 40 and the average norm was 13.1. This shows that I have much more strength in both my right and left hands than the average female my age. 2a) Bench Press 1 Rep Max Estimation: Weight Lifted Reps to Fatigue Trial 1 65 5 Trial 2 65 5 2b) Using the table in the lab my estimated 1 RM is: 65lbs∙1.15= 74.75 2c) My relative strength/weight ratio is: 74.75/65= 1.15 2d) According to the table in the text book, my strength to weight ratio score was more than the 99 percentile. This means that I have 99 percent more strength than females my age. My score of 1.15 placed me in the superior category of females in the age range of 20-29. 3a) When an athlete acquires a hamstring injury an appropriate test to track progress would be a stationary bike. This is one of many tests that could be used for a hamstring rehab. You can adjust the resistance to how the athlete is doing in rehab. When the athlete can bike with their max resistance that is when you know the athlete is back to normal health.
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Muscular Fitness Lab 2 3b) Shorty after the athletes hamstrings injury I would expect no resistance on the bike so that the athlete is not straining. They would also not be peddling as fast as they would if they were healthy. 3c)
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Kines 3502 muscular fitness lab report - Muscular Fitness...

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