Kines 3502 Psychological lab paper

Kines 3502 Psychological lab paper - Psychological...

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Psychological Constructs Lab 1 Heather Hopkins Kines 3502 Section 5 October 2, 2011 Psychological Constructs Lab For the reversal items I only had one question that was worded negatively and that indicated that I had low motivation. Question 5: I’m really concerned about developing and maintaining self-discipline was the one that I marked as extremely characteristic of me. I felt this was true because I want to make myself look and act as responsible as I can. I feel people will trust me more and be around me more if they feel they like they can rely on me. According to the SIM norms of university students my score of 111 is in between below average and low self-motivation. I feel that I should have at least average self-motivation because everyone tells me that I am really good motivator. The test is not a very accurate depiction of low motivation, but it still gives a good percentage of where people are self- motivation. My relative autonomy index is 2(14) +14-11-2(2)= 27. In this survey I got an RAI of 27. The highest possible RAI you can get is a 48, so I got just above the half way mark. That would put me at around average or just above average self-motivation. On the first survey I got below average or low self-motivation. The difference could be because of the way the surveys are scored or the question or different. Comparing both of my scores on inventory 1 and inventory 2, I would expect some ones
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Kines 3502 Psychological lab paper - Psychological...

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