Kines 3513 Lab 2 paper

Kines 3513 Lab 2 paper - obtain the average movement time...

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Heather Hopkins Kines 3513 Section October 23, 2011 Lab 2 Results: 1. Record your number of taps for each trial for each index of difficulty on this Individual Data Sheet of the lab report (without this step no points for the lab). Index of Difficulty Distance/Width Trial 1 Trial 2 Trial 3 2 4cm / 2cm 15 14 12 3a 4cm / 1cm 10 11 8 3b 8cm / 2cm 17 13 15 4a 8cm / 1cm 11 13 10 4b 16cm / 2cm 15 12 14 5 16cm / 1cm 14 12 13 Count only one side 2. Select the trial for each ID that represents the median number of taps for that ID and record the number of taps for that trial in the summary below. 3. For each ID, calculate the average movement time (in msec) for a single movement of the reciprocal tapping task. Do this by dividing each median number of taps by 10, which will give you the number of taps per sec during the 10 seconds trial. Take the inverse of this number, which is 1/x (where x is the average number of taps). Then, multiply this number by 1000 to
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Unformatted text preview: obtain the average movement time in msec. Record this average movement time in the following table (4pts). Index of Difficulty Distance/Width Median Taps Taps/Second Average Movement time (milliseconds) 2 4cm / 2cm 14 1.4 71.43 3a 4cm / 1cm 10 1.0 100.00 3b 8cm / 2cm 15 1.5 66.67 4a 8cm / 1cm 11 1.1 90.91 4b 16cm / 2cm 14 1.4 71.43 5 16cm / 1cm 13 1.3 76.92 4. Record your Average Movement Time results for each ID on the Following Table (4 pts). Index of Difficulty Calculation Average Movement of Time Per Index of Difficulty 2 ID2/1 71.43ms 3 (ID3a+ID3b)/2 83.33ms 4 (ID4a+ID4b)/2 81.17ms 5 ID5/1 76.92ms 5. Plot these data on a bar graph where ID is on the x axis and MT is on the y axis (5pts)....
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Kines 3513 Lab 2 paper - obtain the average movement time...

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