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When comparing males and females in early adulthood the males tend to have higher weight and height. During this stage of adulthood, adults will most likely be in their best shape and work harder to stay in shape. The two individuals in measured in our data are around the same age. The male has a much taller stature than the female, just like most males are taller than females. The recumbent length in the male and female has a habit of being the same with just an increase or a few inches. This is because the recumbent length is taken when lying down and it usually gives you around another 2 inches (5.08 cm) in height. The sitting height in the male is also taller than the female, but not by much. This could mean that the female has a lengthier sitting height. In the knee height the male did have a larger measure than the female. When it comes to the BMI the female in our measured is considered normal weight. The male measured is considered overweight, but BMI does not take into lean and fat tissue. You can really tell the
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