Elang 105 Course outline

Elang 105 Course outline - Elang 105 Winter 2011 1....

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Elang 105 Winter 2011 1. Homework is listed in italics and is due the next class period unless otherwise indicated. 2. Assignment to be handed in are listed with an asterisk (*) are due that day. Reading assignments are not listed with an asterisk. Written assignments related to assigned homework may be added at any time (see #4) 3. The student packet is found online. When a reading assignment listed to be discussed on a certain day, you need to read that section before class, and bring a hard copy to class. 4. You will find most other reading assignments online; you need to read them carefully and bring an annotated hard copy to class. Sometimes I will email questions or put them online for your consideration as you read. Sometime I will just give you the questions to help you prepare for class discussions. Other times I will have you turn in the answers on paper or by annotating your hard copy of the reading. Sometimes I will just expect you to come to class ready to discuss the reading thoughtfully. 5. I will often put announcements on Blackboard or email the class. Make sure you keep up with class communications. 6. Each class is different, and I sometimes revise the class outline as I become aware of the needs of students. If I revise the outline, I will put the revision on Blackboard. Week 1 Wed 1/5 Course introduction; syllabus and course outline discussed Library tutorials explained (p. 21) Homework: Readings 2 and 4(through “Thesis Statement Examples”); read opinion article #1”You’ve Got to Have 150 Friends” New York Times 12/25/10 by Robin Dunbar Wed 9/1 Discuss Readings 2 and 4 (pp. 34-36—through “Thesis Statement Examples”) Discuss “You’ve Got to Have 150 Friends” Opinion Paper Assigned; prewriting due 1/12 Homework: Reading 3 Week 2 Mon 1/10 Discuss Reading 3 Research paper assigned; handout discussed Choosing a topic Homework: Reading 6; read opinion articles #2 “Death of a Farm” July 31, 2010, New
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Elang 105 Course outline - Elang 105 Winter 2011 1....

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