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GW draft - Phong Le Global Warming and its effects...

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Phong Le Global Warming and its effects Introduction We, human beings, are accidentally or deliberately destroying our Mother Nature. No matter how we advocate our actions, the result we have caused are becoming seriously day by day. One of those results is popularly called global warming which show that the Earth is warming up. Global warming is an increase in the temperature on the surface of the Earth; this term is mostly used to refer to the warming predicted to occur as a result of increased emissions of greenhouse gases. The Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (IPCC) recently concluded that increased concentrations of greenhouse gases are causing an increase in the Earth's surface temperature. In fact, there are still some people who are politics or oil company doubt on the real causes of global warming. Perhaps, the reasons make them do that are benefits. It is clear that if people stop using fossil fuels and change to alternative energy resources such as solar energy or wind energy, the oil industry will be underinvestment. According to Husain, vice president of a construction and trading firm in Saudi Arabia, if the investments in oil industry do not meet the future demands, they may have to stop expanding some projects which may delay oil supplies to the world. As a result, it may affect serious the world economy. Therefore, Oil Company and politics would be the first ones who want to advocate that global warming has nothing to deal with environment. However, the scientists have proven clearly that global warming is real, it is caused by greenhouse gases, and we must work together to understand and to save this planet before it is too late. How Global Warming works? Theoretically, according to Farley (2008), the greenhouse gases, which are carbon dioxide, methane and CFCs, are will create an invisible blanket in the atmosphere. When the sunlight hit towards the Earth, infrared radiation will be absorbed by the land and sea and will also be reflected to the space. However, that invisible blanket will trap this re-radiation; as a result, the Earth will be warmed one more time. The industrial revolution and the increasing of human population have led to the extremely large demand of fossil fuels such as oil, coal, natural gases to support the growth of economy and personal demands. The use of these fossil fuels have resulted the carbon dioxide, methane, and other gases (Johansen 2006). In fact, the effects of greenhouse gases are extremely important because without them, the average temperature of the Earth would be -18 degree Fahrenheit (Farley, 2008). However, a good question is if global warming can be a problem or not. Most scientists have done many researches to show that carbon dioxide is currently the strongest greenhouse gases and “if the atmosphere’s carbon dioxide level doubles over preindustrial levels, which is likely (at present rates of increase) during the twenty-first century, several climate models indicate that
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GW draft - Phong Le Global Warming and its effects...

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