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Interview report - Phong Le Interview report Dr Gill got...

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Phong Le Interview report Dr. Gill got his bachelor degree from BYU in 1993 and got PhD in 1998 at Colorado State University. He got his degree in ecology, but all of his researches were on global change ecology which looks at how ecology system responds to global change. Therefore he must have a strong background about global change or global warming. He is now a professor of Department of Biology of Brigham Young University, Utah. PHONG: I am doing research on Global Warming for my first year writing class. Before I come here, I have already read some background about Global Warming and I agree that our planet is really warming. However, the real question people and I mostly concern right now is what caused this planet warmer. Could you show me your perspective about that? DR. Gill: The most atmosphere scientists think it (global warming) is caused by the greenhouse gases. There are number reasons to think that the warming occurs because of human activities. One of those is we cannot explain the warming occur by natural processes. In the long- term geological processes, over next 70 thousand years the planet will cold, last 100 years the planet was warm. We know that there are changes in ocean circulation that influence global temperature, but we also know ocean circulation patterns go warm and cold in time frame that
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Interview report - Phong Le Interview report Dr Gill got...

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