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Day 2—Internet Search I. Learning from the text a. Before class assignment i. Just follow up assignment from Day 1—The World is Flat assignment, Syllabus quiz, Get Connected assignment b. Learning Objectives (usually done to prepare for class, but this day only we will not have any preparation materials) i. Understand how the internet is changing business ii. Use statistics databases (online) to make informed business
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Unformatted text preview: decisions 1. Google Earth 2. Zillow 3. Utah Real Estate 4. Homefair 5. Fed Stats 6. Map Stats iii. Demonstrate (in a quiz) how information above helps a business owner which location would be best for a new business iv. Use the internet for personal convenience 1. Additional features by Google 2. PriceGrabber 3. mySimon II. Key Terms a. None for today...
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