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Day 2—Competitive Advantage I. Learning from the text a. Before class assignment i. Read Chapter 2 of text. ii. Learning Objectives 1. Understand how an organization can identify competitive advantages using tools such as a. Porter’s Five Forces b. Porter’s Three Generic Strategies c. Value chains 2. Describe the relationship between business processes and value chains. iii. Take the quiz on Blackboard iv. Prepare the questions at the end of Case 2 for class discussion. (Not turned
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Unformatted text preview: in) II. Key Terms a. Buyer power b. Competitive advantage c. Demand chain d. Entry barrier e. First-mover advantage f. Loyalty program g. Primary value activities h. Rivalry among existing competitors i. Supplier power j. Supply chain k. Support value activities l. Switching costs m. Threat of new entrants n. Threat of substitute products or services o. Value creation...
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