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Business Intelligence and Decision-Making 1. Before class assignment (Business Driven Technology Ch 8 & 9) 2. Learning Objectives a. Describe the roles and purposes of data warehouses and data marts in an organization b. Compare the multidimensional nature of data warehouses (and data marts) with the two dimensional nature of databases c. Identify the importance of ensuring the cleanliness of information throughout an organization d. Explain the relationship between business intelligence and a data warehouse e. Define the systems organizations use to make decisions and gain competitive advantage f. Describe the three quantitative models typically used by decision support systems g. Describe the relationship between digital dashboards and executive information
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Unformatted text preview: systems h. List and describe four types of artiFcial intelligence systems i. Describe three types of data mining analysis capabilities 3. Key Terms a. Data warehouse b. ELT (extraction, transformation, loading) c. Data mart d. Multidimensional analysis e. Cube f. Data mining g. Information cleansing/scrubbing h. Business intelligence i. Association detection j. Cluster analysis k. Decision support system (DSS) l. Digital dashboards m. Drill-down n. Executive information system (EIS) o. Consolidation p. Goal-seeking analysis q. Sensitivity analysis r. Slice-and-dice s. Statistical analysis t. What-if analysis...
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