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Unformatted text preview: Student Name: Dat Nguyen Section Number: 3 1. List of personal computing needs and wants for the next three years: In my opinion, the most important characteristics of a desktop are as follow: High RAM and cache size to ensure that the computer run fast. Elegant and cool. By that I mean the desktop should have good fans to reduce the heat. My desktop should have a LCD because I want to play and work in a high quality screen. 2. Comparisons: PC#1 PC#2 Column1 Chosen Machine (circle) Yes / No Yes / No FEATURES: Compare & Contrast Notes Brand/Model Gateway SX2800-03 Dell Inspiron Zino HD Cost $529.99 $559 Gateway's model is cheaper than Dell's model CPU Type & Speed Cache size 4MB L2 512K L2 Gateway's cache size is four time bigger than Dell, though this parameter is negligible RAM Type and Amount DDR3/4096MB DDR2 SDRAM/3GB Gateway has larger amount of RAM than Dell does. Bus Speed 1333MHz FSB DDR3 is better than DDR2. Gateway has 4096MB, equals 4GB. Dell has only 3GB Hard Disk Size and Speed 640GB/7200RPM SATA 500GB/7200RPM SATA Both hard disks have the same speed 7200RPM SATA. But Gateway has larger hard disk size than Dell.500GB/7200RPM SATA Both hard disks have the same speed 7200RPM SATA....
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