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Copyright Douglas L. Dean, 2011 Consulting at the Laser ISP (LISP) Company: Using Excel™ Metrics Capabilities to Solve Semi-structured Management Problems, Part A (20 points) Rev: 2/11/11 Project Summary You are working as a management consultant at Laser ISP (LISP), a company that is having problems with its installation and customer service process. Three different installation approaches are being used, for which data is given that the consultant needs to analyze to make improvement recommendations: (1) onsite technician install; (2) do- it-yourself install with No CD; and (3) do-it-yourself-install with an installation support tutorial CD. As a consultant you are asked to do several tasks: First, finish an incomplete costs table, where each of the different installation types has different cost structures. Second, analyze the customer-service effects of the various installation approaches. Customer service problems are dealt with on two levels at LISP: First, customers can call the help desk for help. If problems are not resolved by working with the help desk, a trouble ticket is created which results in an actual visit by a LISP technician to the customer’s home. Clearly, the fewer customer-service incidents the better, and help desk calls are preferable to a home visit because calls take less time and are much less costly. Third, you are to summarize and compare the data to make recommendations on which installation approach is the most effective in terms of cost and customer-service. 1. Introduction You have been asked to help LASER ISP (LISP), an Internet Service Provider (ISP), improve its installation capabilities and customer service. You have been called in to consult on this engagement because of your strong business acumen but also the ability to understand and use technology to solve complex business issues. The vice president of operations at LISP has provided you with a spreadsheet that contains data on past installations, help desk calls, and trouble ticket visits. Laser ISP focuses solely on providing cable-based Internet service for residential customers in Utah Valley. LISP has been under increasing pressure lately because of competition from phone companies and satellite providers. Thus, there is pressure to keep ISP prices competitive and to provide excellent customer service. 2. Background This section describes issues that LISP has faced when installing its services and providing customer service.
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2 2.1 Initial Installation Approaches LISP has used the following three types of installation approaches: Installation Approach Description Cost of Initial Installation 1 Onsite technician install $90/hour 2 Do-it-yourself install (No CD) $20 3 Do-it-yourself-install (with the installation support tutorial CD) $35 Traditionally, LISP has sent a technician to each new customer’s home to perform the initial installation (installation type 1). However, in an attempt to find ways to reduce installation costs, LISP has recently been conducting a pilot program where they send a
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LISP_Project - Consulting at the Laser ISP (LISP) Company:...

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