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Web Project (HTML, KompoZer, CSS) (r4/04/11ba) 1. Create a personal Web site with at least 4 Web pages. (It may have more than 4 pages) 2. Page 1 is your home page and should have “hotlinks” to your other pages. Use the HTML coding method with Notepad to create your home page. Do NOT use KompoZer or another program to create this file. This file should be edited as pure HTML, so that it does not include extra control codes inserted by programs such as Word, which has a “Save as” option for saving files as HTML code. Graders will examine this code closely to see that is native HTML. You are encouraged to name your home page “index.htm”. This page should have a background downloaded from another website. 3. Pages 2 & 3 should be “special interest” pages – probably related to something of personal interest to you (this section may actually be several related pages). To create these pages use a Web Authoring Tool (such as KompoZer). These pages can contain text, pictures, descriptions, graphs, etc., but it must include at least two hotlink references to non-BYU web sites, and should have a dark background with light colored text. Also, you should use CSS to manage the format for at least these two pages. This page should be “hotlinked” from your home page.
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