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Phong Le Sept 20, 2011 STDV117 Self-Assessment Reflection Assignment #2 1. What are your TypeFocus results for each of the surveys – personality, interest, and values? My personality is ESFJ which is very week in extraversion and strong in sensing and judging. My interest is conventional, enterprising, and investigating. My value is achievement, working conditions, and recognition. 2. What did you learn about yourself from these surveys? At first, I was quite disappointed about myself because I was not like who I expect. I want to be in business field, and the low score in extraversion does really matter. In addition, most of careers which fit to my personality do not fit to my interest. It means that I like those careers, but I do not have ability to do them. There will be two situations, the first one is I choose the job I like, but it will not work well for me because I have limited ability. Another one is I choose the job I can work well, but I will not be
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Unformatted text preview: interested in it, and the result is also bad. A great lesson I have taken from this survey is I need to change my personality. The best way to do that is to be an out-going person. It works great for business fields in general. It is great because I still have time to do it before it is too late. I also need to change the way I think, so that it is not too soft, but flexible enough to do greatly in business. 3. What does this mean to you in terms of choosing a major and/or career path? This survey is extremely helpful to me. It did not make me change or affect the way I choose major. However, it helps me to recognize what I need to have in order to follow this major. It also helps me to know that fact that I am not currently the one who I think I should be, so I need to spend more time to develop my characteristics or personality in order to receive the best result....
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