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Assignment#5 - Phong Le STDEV117 Assignments#5 Career Fair...

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Phong Le STDEV117 – Assignments #5 October 09, 2011 Career Fair 1. On September 28, I had opportunity to volunteer in Career Fair. It was a great experience to know how they work, and how BYU organize a career fair. There were a lot of big firms came to BYU this year, and they were very well organized. I did not think there were so many firms in Career Fair this year. Perhaps, because this was the first time I attended a Career Fair. Employers were very friendly and helpful. They gave all information students need, and explained very carefully what students need to do in order to get jobs or internships. In addition, BYU Career Office would send my resume to all of employers in this fair; so generally, this Career Fair was a great opportunity for students to get information about some firms they want to work for, and build networking. 2. I had a chance to look around, and talked to some recruiters from my favorite firms. For example, I talked to Adobe, Goldman Sachs, and Lockheed Martin. Although I did not talk to other recruiters, it was a big experience to get to know these three firms. I love
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