Assignment#8 - Phong Le STDV117 Assignment#8 1 Statement on...

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Phong Le STDV117 Assignment #8 1. Statement on the Education of Women at Brigham Young University which was given by President Dallin H. Oaks is a great instruction for both men and women in their lives. It was not only an encouragement but also a very specific guide for women to success. President Oaks gave some very good reasons to explain why women should continue their education even men are responsible for feeding the families. I really like the part when he mentioned the quote of President Harold B. Lee: “When you teach a boy, you are just teaching another individual, but when you teach a woman or a girl, you are teaching a whole family.” This is a very thoughtful sentence, and of course, it is absolutely true in this current world. For men, education brings those opportunities, experience, and careers. From that, they will be able to support their families. In the church role, this is responsibility of all men. However, it is different for women who are responsible for educating their children and taking care of families. The main problem is these women depend too much on their husband. When women in hard situation such as widowed, divorced, or separated, they cannot support themselves without careers or knowledge. In this situation, education for women takes the same role as for men which will brings opportunities, experience, and
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Assignment#8 - Phong Le STDV117 Assignment#8 1 Statement on...

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