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Phong Le STDV117 Assignment 10 Wall Street 2: Money never sleeps I had opportunity to watch the movie “Wall Street 2: Money never sleeps” last weekend. It is really not just a movie; it is a lesson for me to learn seriously what is really needed in this life. Family is important and whatever you do, family is still important. For every business-majors student, I believe most of them want to work at the Wall Street. It’s not only the place to show how successful you are, but it’s also the place where you can find the most important things in your life. However, the second part is recognized only through this movie. I have heard lots about works at Wall Street, but I never thought it was busy as described in the movie. It is such a great environment for those who want to challenge themselves, to quickly response, and to take opportunities. More important, it is only for smart people. The life at Wall Street is always stressful with lots of confederates, and it also teaches how to survive. Personally, I love the characteristics of Jacob in the movie. He has a very strong
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