Assignment#11 - Career: Computer and Information System...

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Career: Computer and Information System Managers Information System is a fairly new occupation in modern world. It involves in all of tasks which are relevant to computer, network, and database. However, it is more special for Information System Managers because they play a vital role in the implementation and administration of technology within their organizations 1 . They work with other managers to determine the goals of company and apply the advantages of technology to achieve the goal in faster time with better quality. Depend on their role within an organization, they are sometimes called as Chief Technology Officers 2 . Their duties are to evaluate new technology, supervised workers who deal with daily information technology issues of the firm. They also determine some implementation strategies for the firm and present those to Chief Information Officer. For Information System Managers, candidate must be very experienced, possess technical expertise, and understand business management, so they must be educated and have a background in technical industries 3 . They must have strong problem-solving skill and effective- managed skill in order to perform well in this position. It normally requires a bachelor’s degree in computer-related field to be a manager. Most of the firms also refer master degree. The majors in college fit with this position are computer science, information science, or information system. The bachelor’s degree requires approximately four years to finish, and the master’s degree requires two year. Computer and Information System Managers normally have higher opportunity for advancement. They can develop themselves to be a manager in other fields such as marketing, human resources, or sales. More important, they have more opportunities to exposure with higher managers in the firm. According to recently project, the estimated growth for this occupation is about 17% in ten years (2008-2018) which is faster than the average for all occupations 4 . Generally, the trend is going upward because of high demand in the future. In addition, because of the fast growth of technology, this occupation mostly depends on how fast the technology grows. If the technology grows extremely fast, the demand and supply will grow fast in the future. Marriott School has reported the range of salary for graduated Information System is from
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Assignment#11 - Career: Computer and Information System...

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