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Zoo 4232 Practice 3 <<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>> >>>> >>>>>>> Please Note: The questions below were copied from exams of previous years. Some of the material in this practice test was not covered this year in the lectures that you will be tested on. Goodluck! <<<<<<<<<<<<<<< QQ06 Infection of humans by which of the following parasites is not a zoonosis. 1 T. gambiense 2 T. cruzi 3 L. panamensis 4 T. rhodesiense 5 L. chagasai QQ07S An exchange student who spent 10 days in Peru is complaining of fevers. A blood smear was taken and flagellated parasites were found. What might the student be infected with? 1 T. cruzi 2 P. vivax 3 P. Ovale 4 L. amazonesis 5 T. gambiense QQ08 Toxoplasma gondii and Plasmodium vivax are both intracellular pathogens. Which of the following is not true about the infection by these organisms. 1 P. vivax and Toxoplasma gondii are transmitted by insect vectors. 2 They reside in parasitophorous vacuoles 3 Toxoplasma can infect all host nucleated cells 4 P. vivax does not undergoe sexual reproduction in a mammalian host 5 Both parasites attach to the host cell surface before parasite entry. QQ09 Dr. Tough is at it again. In the second weekend in September, he went camping and hiking in Wisconsin, one week before that he was skiing in Chile. This time he has a fever, blood in his urine and is quite miserable. A blood smear revealed infected red cells with ring stage parasites and a few more mature forms. The blood smears were well stained and the infected red cells were not pigmented. What parasite may be causing Dr. Tough's fevers? 1 Babesia microti 2 Plasmodium Vivax 3 Plasmodium malariae 4 Toxoplasma gondii 5 L. braziliensis CQ10 Students in a prestiguous University in Florida with a mediocre football team were preparing for yet another Parasitology exam. In the review session someone was fascinated by the observation that there is Plasmodium transmission
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2011Exam3samplequestions - Zoo 4232 Practice 3 <> > >...

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