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1 ZOO 4232 HUMAN PARASITOLOGY FALL SEMESTER, 2011 Lecture Hall: CSE – A101 INSTRUCTOR: Dr. PETER KIMA, Micro. Cell Science Building, Room 1005, 392-0384. Email: [email protected] Office Hours: Monday 11:00am – 1:00pm and Thursday 1:10- 2:15pm. I can be reached by email in Sakai. C l a s s w e b s i t e : Credits: 3 Textbook: Human Parasitology. Burton J. Bogitsh and Thomas C. Cheng. Academic Press. San Diego CA., Third Edition. ISBN. 0-12- 088468-2. Other recommended texts: Cell and Molecular Biology by Gerald Karp. John Wiley & Sons, Inc.; Immunobiology, The Immune System in Health and Disease. Charles Janeway and Paul Travers. Garland Publishing Inc, New York NY. Scope: This course will present information concerning parasite life cycles, biology of host-parasite relationships , epidemiology, methods of diagnosis, prevention and control of parasitic infections of public health importance. Objectives: The student is expected to obtain a detailed understanding of the life cycle patterns of major parasites of importance to humans; Cell biological aspects of the biology of these parasites and host/parasite interactions; the host immune response as presented in lecture, the assigned textbook and suggested reviews; the epidemiology of the diseases associated with these parasites and strategies to control or limit their effects on humans ; a basic appreciation of significant unresolved questions relating to some of these parasites and their relationships with humans. Class Attendance:
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parasitology_class_ 2011syllabus - ZOO 4232 HUMAN...

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