PCB 3134 syllabus 2011 Fall

PCB 3134 syllabus 2011 Fall - EUKARYOTIC CELL STRUCTURE AND...

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EUKARYOTIC CELL STRUCTURE AND FUNCTION PCB 3134 - Fall - 2011 3 credits CLASS SCHEDULE Mon, Wed, Fri, 3 rd period (9:35AM~10:25AM), MCCC 0100 (McCarty Hall C) TEXT (required) Essential Cell Biology 3 rd edition Bruce Albert et al. Publisher: Garland Science ISBN: 0815341296 INSTRUCTORS Dr. Zhonglin Mou & Dr. Byung-Ho Kang Office: 1249 (Mou), 1003 (Kang) Microbiology and Cell Science Building Telephone: 392-0285 (Mou), 846-0952 (Kang) Email: [email protected] (Mou) [email protected] ufl.edu (Kang) (please include PCB3134 in the e-mail title so that we can easily recognize e-mails related to this class) Office hours: M, W, F 10:45AM – 12:00PM (or by appointment) COURSE OBJECTIVES The objective of the course is to help students better understand the structural, molecular and functional organization of eukaryotic cells. In the course, we will cover properties of eukaryotic cells, cellular macromolecules, structures and functions of subcellular organelles, scaffolding and compartmentalization within cells, cell proliferation, intra/inter cellular communications and the regulation of cell functions. Experimental approaches for studying eukaryotic cells including basic principles of light/electron microscopy techniques will also be discussed. The instructor will teach with an assumption that students have taken a course in general biology and have completed the first semester of organic chemistry. Students are responsible for material covered in the lectures and assigned readings from the text. To make the most of the lectures, students should read the textbook pages paralleling each class before coming to lectures. Test questions will come from material covered in the lectures, homework, and assigned readings. CLASS ATTENDANCE Students are expected to attend all classes and responsible for all material covered in lecture as well as any announcement related to the course. If you missed a class, it is your responsibility to find out what was covered or announced in the lecture. To find out what occurred in a class that you did not attend, you may check class website or ask other students in the class whom can be trusted. The test questions emphasize the material discussed in lecture. Therefore, repeated failure to attend class will be reflected in the final grade. TESTS AND GRADING All of the test questions will be machine-graded multiple-choice questions. There will be three regular exams and one final cumulative exam. The grade in the course will be determined by your performance on your two best regular exam scores and the final cumulative exam (The lowest test score among the three regular exams will be dropped). Test questions will be based on the material covered in the lectures whether it is in the textbook or not. Approximately 60% of
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test questions will be related to Sample Questions given to you after finishing each chapter and End-of-Chapter Questions in the textbook.
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